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tv   Fox 8 News at 400AM  FOX  February 19, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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one vehicle was involved in somen sort results are your alternate is the ramp is currently shut down this is 90 east big backups as you had towards its close we have another closure police activity down in garfield. talking with police they tell me this situation there hope to have it open and currently they do not. got to watch out for that closure. when in kristi pack to you. >> of the top of the news of the rain may wreck remains on edgeed after remember two -year-old
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they're trying to todd meany joins us with more. they called the cause suspicious anda someone may have found her before she was actually rescued later on family members say theal someone man's not sure does make them on easy according to the 911 call her ten -year-old sister lorraine police say there
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they didn't see a man they're trying to get the process of the interviews pays everythinga together. in connection to other cases a lisa sherman wasio stabbed to death in downtown is 2013 will heading to2 a meeting with we'll no arrests have been madee her loved ones are calling his indictment stepe in the righte direction. for men facing murder charge her with world to woman in custody and $250,000 bond her daughter
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planning to become a missionary remember say a curse word birdrd life was beautiful to her. for the daughter of my chimeras you may remember the five -year-old adrian was diagnosed
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little bit i was really thrilled. why they're speaking out after local school district release students early on your through through through will talk about a few changes for sunday's forecast highlighting some
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temperatures in the lower and middle 30s.s. we're not seen the beginnings nowow look at the temperatures at 33o62 and as it begins to search north were going to get itselfns west when this afternoon mostm areas will be well into the
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it will be breezy a chance yesterday will keep the chances going for a latete shower sunday. slight chance of snow pack to you guys.a it has been a busy friday and several things going on where goingwh to start this ramp from 90 eastbound to the in aboutr thisth ramp to shut down they have a tractor-trailer happening around 130 they do have the laflamme blocked they have police crews
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it is early. neighbors in that area around 2:00 a.m. there recount mrs. granger over in garfield heights need to go to the house they did find a gentleman was shot in one of the upstairs rooms this with the sprinkle very garfield heights they did reopen that roadway theree asa they do some investigation. wayne and kristi pack to you.y and sports the fan favorite here's john intelligent with highlight in your friday morning
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top of the friday to you. they said is a test phone call to make.
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help on floor spacingi he knows her mom. we're trying to do on and off the court. a and in terms of knowing exactly what he needs to do. this is very ty lue one at somes better defense from cavalier basketball team and he the offensefrfr revved up early on.
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look pass they busted out the map. stands a look at carry irvings reaped it shows dribbling scoring move up in space
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at the lausanne wee have for sports.r have a great went as you send it
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a single shot 4:27 a.m. is your time7 and we could not have done
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